Business Services


Storage Services

Unloading, palletizing, quality & quantitative receipt. Strong security and safety


Cargo Transport & Distribution Services

National transport, cross-docking, citylogistics, couriers etc.


Courier services throughout Greece

Real time Reporting

Ability to produce detailed and reliable reports on all parameters of cooperation

Reverse Logistic

Uninterrupted return flow of products from the point of consumption to the point of arrival (returns)

Cross Docking

Immediate reloading of products in order to reduce storage costs and faster service.

Supply Chain Management

Μείωση του κόστους διαχείρισης διαμέσου της εξομάλυνσης, της συνοχής & ορθολογικοποίησης της εφοδιαστικής αλυσίδας (supply chain)

Operating Cost Reduction

Δυνατότητα παραγωγής αναλυτικών και αξιόπιστων αναφορών για όλες τις παραμέτρους της συνεργασίας

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